Frequently Asked Questions

Pakihi is a series of free workshops designed to help Māori businesses move forward, flourish and succeed.

Pakihi will provide participants with new skills, a growth plan, mentoring and connections with other business support organisations as well as networking with other Māori businesses.

Whakarautia – For individuals who have a business idea and want to turn it into a start-up.

Te Uma– For recently started businesses, operating between one and 18 months where the workshops are focused on improving profitability, marketing and networking.

Whānaua – For businesses who have been operating for more than 2 years that are looking to increase: employee numbers, product or service offerings or expanding to more locations.

Yes, there are! Pakihi aims to deliver 200 workshops nationwide by the end of November 2019. Enquire here, to express your interest in having a workshop near you.

Pakihi comes with no costs. Your only investment is your commitment and time to attend the three-hour workshop.

Bring a water bottle, your thinking cap, and a positive entrepreneurial attitude!

It is recommended that you register online at least 3 days before the workshop commencing so that we can prepare catering.

If you know others who may benefit from the workshop and would definitely attend, then get them to register.

Please get in touch with the Pakihi Team to remove your name from the list so that we can offer the space to someone else who would benefit from this workshop.