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Our Kaupapa

Whānau transformation through innovation and entrepreneurship

Being in business isn’t easy. It requires courage, risk, knowledge and money. It requires tenacity and a willingness to learn from others with experience, a clear plan and pathway to grow your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business, or big export business – the challenges are the same. You have to know your customer and design a product. That they will pay for. You need access to expertise and mentors to help guide your business strategy, and partners with the right skills and assets who share your values and vision. You have to put skin in the game.

Backed by the Māori Innovation Fund – He kai kei aku ringa and managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) Māori Economic Development Unit. Pakihi is an initiative that is focused on assisting Māori small businesses to grow sustainably. Participants will be either Māori business owners or their employees, or Māori wanting to engage in small business.

Our Services

What will you learn and what are the benefits?

Pakihi is a new series of free workshops designed to help Māori businesses move forward, flourish and succeed. Pakihi will provide participants with new skills, a growth plan, mentoring and connections with other business support organisations and networking with other Māori businesses.

Pakihi focuses on supporting Māori businesses to;

  1. Grow sustainably
  2. Become operational as a new business
  3. Increase business activity to employ additional staff
  4. Progress further into business, industry or tertiary training

The Pakihi programme was rolled-out nationally starting in July 2018 and will conclude around April 2020.

To see if there is a workshop on offer in a town near you, click here.

Why Pakihi?

How are we different from other business enterprise support?

We create a safe place for you to share your ideas, frustrations, and goals so that you get the support needed to grow your business.

There are a lot of competing services available at a mainstream level however, none of which are kaupapa Māori and facilitated by business professionals.

We dedicate the first section of a workshop to karakia and whakawhānaungatanga which are important to starting any hui. This sets precedence for all participants to show aroha and manaaki ki te tangata.

Our practices underline our core values (ngā uara):

Te Aroha Having regard for one another and those for whom we are responsible and to whom we are accountable.
Te Whakapono The basis of our beliefs and the confidence that what we are doing is right.
Ngā Ture The knowledge that our actions are morally and ethically right and that we are acting in an honourable manner.
Kotahitanga Unity amongst iwi and other ethnicities; standing as one.


Our presenters are equipped with the skills and experience to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. View our presenters here.

Our Story

Pakihi & Hue

The hue’s development symbolises the three stages of business growth. More than 50 hue can grow from one hue seed, they can be manipulated to form various shapes and sizes and can be used for many purposes.

Like hue, businesses can start as a seed or an idea, and with the right conditions and environment, it can grow and flourish.

Whānaua kia tini, whānaua kia mano, whānaua kia rea

Be brought forth as many, as multitude, as innumerable

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